Samples of Poluustav (Semi-uncial)
and Skoropis' (Semi-cursive) Handwriting

Note: These are all high-quality images, and may take considerable time to download.

Unfortunately, I copied these pages from a library book many years ago when I was too naive to think about documentation, so if anyone can identify which book these are from, I will be grateful for the information. – Nikita

I. Poluustav - 14th/15th centuries, Russia
II. Skoropis' - 15th century, Russia
III. Skoropis' - 15th/16th centuries, Belorussia
IV. Skoropis' - 16th century, Russia
V. Skoropis' - 17th century, Russia
VI. Skoropis' - 17th century, Belorussia
VII. Skoropis' - 17th/18th centuries, Ukraine
VIII. Skoropis' - early 18th century, Russia
IX. Skoropis' - late 18th century, Russia

X. A selection of different styles of Viaz', traditionally used for chapter titles.
XI. Another example of Viaz'.