Slavonic Font Families

1. Ustav Fonts

This family represents the handwritten system of Paleoslavonic, Old [Church] Slavonic, AND including the Glagolitic script. It can be divided into four sub-familes: a) Glagolitic fonts, b) Cyrillic fonts; c) Dual fonts, and d) Packaged fonts.

Font Name Designer (or Redesigner) Remarks
a) Glagolitic fonts - One of the best sources for Glagolitic fonts is: Croatian Glagolitic fonts, © by Darko Zubrinic, Zagreb (1995). (These are all pre-Unicode and have older legacy encodings.) — See also: for details regarding Unicode. Likewise see: Društvo prijatelja glagoljice DPG (Society for the Appreciation of Glagolitic).
Croatica Nenad Hancic-Matejic

Nenad Hancic-Matejic has created cursive glagolitic font "Croatica" available on, described in Croatian and English, online since 2009. "Copyright (c) 2009 by Nenad Hancic-Matejic, Duesseldorf Germany. All rights reserved."


Epistula Croatica Filip Cvitic

Croatian Glagolitic font of angular type, created in 2009 by Filip Cvitic (improved version since Feb 2010). For the users of InDesign it can be used without problems. It still needs some improvements for users of Word. This is certainly one of the best Glagolitic fonts ever produced, and is available from (one of the most interesting Slavonic font web sites on the internet!)

Epistula Croatica

GLAG_1_NORMAL Natalija Nikpalj Polondak

Vrbnik Missal style (angular glagolitic, 1456), created by Natalija Nikpalj Polondak (this nice font will be further improved). It appears to have been released for distribution in 1999. It is distributed HERE.


Glagolitic AOE Brian J. Bonislawsky

(c) 1999 by Astigmatic One Eye Foundry. A rustic decorative font which is well suited for titling.

Glagolitic AOE
Glagolitic AOE

A pair of fonts:

Glagolitsa Oblata
Glagolitsa Uglata

Zoran Rajic

The fonts Glagolitsa Oblata and Glagolitsa Uglata are old Croation Glagolitic fonts (stare hrvatske oblike slova [fontove], glagoljicu). Created by Zox (e-mail: | They can be downloaded from HERE.

– Glagoljica OBL staro hrvatsko pismo (round Croatian letters), 1999
Glagolitsa Oblata
– Glagoljica UGL staro hrvatsko pismo (square Croatian letters), 1999
Glagolitsa Uglata

Additional unverified information: "Round and Angular Glagolitic fonts, created by Zoran Rajic, improved and extended by Eugen Divjak (October 2005), improved by Ivica Glavan (April 2008, no more problems with Croatian diacritics)." (See also "Krcka-notarskaCkola2" below.)

Glagoljica Breviar Frane Paro (and Anton Katunar?)

Baromich breviary style (angular glagolitic, 1493 incunabulum), beautiful font created by Frane Paro and Anton Katunar, including some exotic ligatures, special symbols and initials (1997). It is distributed HERE.

Glagoljica Breviar

Glagoljica euglata Dmitar Zvonimir

Copyright (c) Dmitar Zvonimir, kralj hrvatski. available from Oddly, the web site states: "Round and Angular Glagolitic fonts, created by Zoran Rajic, improved and extended by Eugen Divjak (October 2005), improved by Ivica Glavan (April 2008, no more problems with Croatian diacritics)." However, when examining the font, it provides no such information, and correctly attributes the font to D. Zvonimir.

Glagoljica euglata


Privlacka Parokijanska Ninska Skola

Eugen Divjak


Ivica Glavan and Marka Markulinova

This cursive Glagolitic font is named and attributed differently, and I cannot ascertain which information is correct. (See also Glagolitsa Obla and Glagolitsa Uglata above.)

1) Krcka-notarskaCkola2, Designed by Eugen Divjak. "Copyright (c) 2002 by Eugen Divjak & Drustvo prijatelja glagoljice, Zagreb, Hrvatska", distributed HERE. (Krcka glagoljska kurziva, Glagolitic quickscript from the island of Krk, created by Eugen Divjak, 2002.)

2) This font (I cannot find any significant difference) is also call "Privlacka Parokijanska Ninska Skola" and is attributed to Ivica Glavan and Marka Markulinova (year not given), distributed HERE. (Privlacka parokijanska glagoljska kurziva - Croatian Glagolitic quickscript font from the region of Zadar, Privlackap1.ttf, created by Ivica Glavan, University of Zadar.)

Krcka glagoljska kurziva

Laser Glagolitic Philip B. Payne (designer?)

Commercial font sold by Linguists Software. (See also the Cyrillic fonts below.)

Laser Glagolitic

Old Moravian Libor Sztemon

"Typeface © 2001 Libor Sztemon, Czechia". I cannot locate a current source for this font.

Old Moravian

Pixel Glagolitic Elvis Mehmedovic

A pair of pixelated fonts, which can be downloaded from the designer's web site:
PXGlagolitic 01 hr: "Copyright 2004 Elvis Mehmedovic. (Freeware.)"
PXGlagolitic01hr-Bold: "Copyright 2004 Elvis Mehmedovic. (Freeware.)"

Pixel Glagolitic

Titus KroatianGlagolica
Titus RoundGlagolica
Jogi Weichware

A pair of fonts: "Copyright 1995, Jogi Weichware". I cannot locate a current source for these fonts.


Titus RoundGlagolica
Titus RoundGlagolica

Yatsuko Glagolitsa Denis Yatsuko

2001, available from Семиотика

Yatsuko Glagolitsa

b) Cyrillic fonts
Kiril Tanya Laleva / Miguel Angel Durán Pascual

"© 1994 Tanya Laleva / Miguel Angel Durán Pascual. Filología Eslava. Universidad Complutense (Madrid)"


Kliment Kiril Ribarov

"Designed by Kiril Ribarov, 1996; Revision in January 1997." I cannot locate a current source for this font.


Lazov Bold
Rumjan Lazov

Now at version 5.1. "Typeface © Rumjan Lazov and David J. Birnbaum. 1994-2008. All Rights Reserved." (Unicode encoding.) Available from Repertorium Fonts.


Lazov Bold:
Lazov Bold

Ostromirovo Andrei Nesterov

"Copyright (c) 2008, Andrei Nesterov (, with Reserved Font Name Ostromirovo." I cannot locate a current source for this font.


Putiata ?

2001. "Laboratory on Automaton of Philology Researching, UdmSU, Russia; Putyata." Distributed at Манускрипт - Древние славянские памятники. (This seems to be an earlier font which was superceded by the Menaion font.)


Ustav TM



TypeMarket, 2005. Not currently distributed(?).


This font has been reworked and greatly expanded by Nikita Simmons; it has been renamed "Ostromirov". Constantine Spektorov has subsequently modified and adapted this font: "Copyright (c) Nikita Simmons, 2006. Edited & converted into UCS8 by Constantin Spektorov. This font is based on Ostromirov XCS & AC by Nikita Simmons after the letters of "Ostromirovo Evangelie" (Ostromir's Gospel) of 1056-57. But it was transformed (some glyphs - a little bit, others - seriously)."

Ustav II
(commercial font)
Igor Nastenko

This commercial typeface was designed at the Design Studio of Igor Nastenko in 1996 by Igor Nastenko. Available from ParaType. "All rights reserved. Copyright (C) SPSL, 1993."

Ustav II

Zoran Kostic fonts
(commercial fonts)

Zoran Kostic (

Hilandarski Ustav 6 (supercedes earlier versions)
Hilandarski Ustav

Monah Prosto 6 (supercedes earlier versions) — see also below (packaged fonts)

c) Dual fonts - containing both Cyrillic and Glagolitic scripts
BukyVede William Veder & Sebastian Kempgen

"Based on CyrillicaOhrid and GlagolicaBulgarian (with additions from Rumen Lazov), adapted to Unicode 5.1 and enhanced by W.R. Veder, Chicago, and S. Kempgen, Bamberg, 2008." Available for free download from the KODEKS web site (University of Bamberg, Germany).


Damase Mark Williamson

2005. This is a multi-script Unicode font, which contains a very crude rendering of the Glagolitic script and standard civil script Cyrillic. The font may be downloaded from a number of web sites (try a Google search), but it is really not worth using.


Dilyana Ralph Cleminson

2005, 2008 (Unicode encoding) – Available from Repertorium Fonts. It contains both a modern Church Slavonic typeface and a Glagolitic typeface.


Frontistes Uos Xenia Kadochnikova

"Copyright (c) Kadochnikova Xenia G. Frontistesa's Library 1998-2004. All rights reserved." This font has very little distribution, but it may be downloaded from Древнейшие памятники. (It appears to be a reworking of the Irmologion font and Danko Sipka's "Old Church Slavonic Gla" font.)

Frontistes Uos

Klimentovica Kurilovica Mihhail Zubehhin

2007. This font has almost no distribution, and I cannot locate a current source for this font. (It appears to be a reworking of the Pochaevsk font and the Glagolitic characters from the "Dilyana" font.)

Klimentovica Kurilovica


Menaion Medieval

Victor A. Baranov

"Copyright (c) LCAPR, UdSU; LD, ISTU, 2010. All rights reserved." Distributed at Манускрипт - Древние славянские памятники.

The "Menaion" fonts and a newer Unicode version of this font, "Menaion Medieval", are also available from Repertorium Fonts. This font has Latin, Greek, modern and old Cyrillic characters.

Menaion Medieval

d) Packaged fonts - separate matching fonts containing Cyrillic and Glagolitic scripts
Danko Sipka fonts Danko Sipka

A pair of free matched Cyrillic and Glagolitic fonts. "The fonts are a product of Translation Experts Ltd." I cannot locate a current source for these fonts.

Old Church Slavonic Cyr
Old Church Slavonic Cyr

Old Church Slavonic Gla
Old Church Slavonic Gla

Emil Hersak fonts Dr. Emil Hersak

A pair of matched fonts available for download from ("Multilanguage support" should be installed, then the Russian driver, copy kbdru.kbd into Windows/system directory so that Russian kbd changes Window's default kbd; for "yat" use insert/symbol.)

Staroslavenski Unicode: posljednja verzija 10.03.1998
Staroslavenski Unicode
Glagolica Unicode: posljednja verzija 10.03.1998
Glagolica Unicode

Hermes Soft
(package of commercial fonts)

Hermes Soft sells 2 font packages (which are rather expensive):

Old Bulgarian Cyrillic – 2 fonts: Antique Regular and Antique Bold - with 675 characters per font
Old Bulgarian Cyrillic

Glagolitic Font package – 8 fonts:
Round/Bulgarian Glagolitic – Antique (Regular, Bold) and
Round/Bulgarian Glagolitic – Antique
Round/Bulgarian Glagolitic – Grotesque (Regular, Bold);
Round/Bulgarian Glagolitic – Grotesque
Croatian Glagolitic – Antique (Regular, Bold) and
Croatian Glagolitic – Antique
Croatian Glagolitic – Grotesque (Regular, Bold)
Croatian Glagolitic – Grotesque

Linguists Software
(package of commercial fonts):


Philip B. Payne (designer?)

Commercial package sold by Linguists Software. (The designs for Old Slavonic are good, but the Church Slavonic fonts are outmoded. Other styles of Slavonic fonts are also available, including Laser Glagolitic, the decorative Optina Slavonic and the civil script font Old Slavonic.)

See samples on the Linguists Software web site.

Monotype fonts

Monotype Imaging offers 3 fonts for sale:

– a package of 2 fonts (Monotype Old Church Slavonic):
Monotype Old Bulgarian (a Synodal Era design)Monotype Old Bulgarian(charset)
and Old Bulgarian Slawjanski (an Ustav design) Old Bulgarian Slawjanski

– a single font called Monotype Glagolitic
Monotype Glagolitic

Sebastian Kempgen fonts


Sebastian Kempgen

A pair of commercial fonts by Sebastian Kempgen at the KODEKS web site (University of Bamberg, Germany), last updated in 2006: Runde und Eckige Glagolica (Round and Square Glagolica). The Round script font is entitled "Kiril", and the Square script font is entitled "Glagol". (It is unclear how one purchases these fonts, but sending an e-mail of enquiry is a good start.)

These fonts are also sold at the MacCampus web site. (This is probably a better source, as the web site seems to have been updated more recently than the KODEKS site.)

Sample of Kiril:

Sample of Glagol:

Zoran Kostic fonts Zoran Kostic (

A package of 7 fonts (Copyright (c) 2009 by Zoran Kostic. All rights reserved.) Available(?) from
OsCirilicaK (lower case)
OsCirilicaV (upper case)
OsGlagoljicaOblaK (lower case round)
OsGlagoljicaOblaV (upper case round)
OsGlagoljicaUglastaK (lower case square)
OsGlagoljicaUglastaV (upper case square)
OsTransKomp (Latin transliteration)

There are several other excellent commercial fonts by this designer. A small sampler is shown here:
ZK fonts