Slavonic Font Families

6. Civil Script Fonts

This family includes any modern Unicode and legacy-encoded fonts (both serif and san serif typefaces) containing Slavonic characters redesigned to match Latin letter forms, which are primarily used for academic purposes. This also includes the font "Triod", which is currently used by the Moscow Patriarchal Printing Press in substitution of genuine Slavonic letter forms (a concession to modern shortcomings of church literacy).

Font Name Designer (or Redesigner) Remarks
Kliment Std Sebastian Kempgen

(Unicode encoding.) Available for free download from Repertorium Fonts. The latest version is also available at the KODEKS web site (University of Bamberg, Germany). The same font (possibly an older version and including a supplemental font "Kliment Alt") is also available as a commercial font from MacCampus.

Titus Cyberbit Basis TITUS (Unicode encoding.) Available for a registered free download from TITUS.

Commercial fonts (package):


Philip B. Payne (designer?) NewSlavonicFull (plain and italic) contains the same character set as OldSlavonicLS, but the characters are in a modern Cyrillic style. NewSlavonicLite (plain and italic) is the same as NewSlavonicFull, but most of the diacritic marks have been removed for typing text with a bare minimum of accents.