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[?] Pechatnyi Dvor (Printing Court) – Moscow

Oko Tserkovnoe – 1610 (book is unidentified; assumed to be an edition of the Moscow Printing Court)

Image: 1157-0033.jpg

Remarks: The vertical dimensions of this typestyle are striking and lend a distinctive "chiseled" look and feel to the text. Although the "narrow on" is generally reserved for unaccented use, it receives an accent on the right half, line 7. Initial "on" uses the standard round form.

Image: 1157-0045.jpg

Remarks: The letter "izhe" has been freely replaced by the narrow "i" in the first 2 lines of the right half. This book also has several examples of an alternate form of the letter "u", as seen on the right half, line 4.