Catalog and Archive of Muscovite Russian Early Printed Books (Pre-Nikonian)

The majority of books are available for viewing and download; titles in Italics are known editions, but are unavailable in digital form.

With only a couple exceptions, these photographic reproductions and/or scans of books have been obtained from sources on the Internet. It is rather difficult to track down all the locations of these resources on the Web (since many were obtained in years past and are now unavailable), but the majority of them are found in the archived collection of Early Printed Books at Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra Archives, (Старопечатные книги – Свято-троицкая Сергиева Лавра). Titles in bold text are official texts used by the Old Ritualists (i.e., the last pre-Nikonian editions).

Осипова Н.П. – Каталог книг кирилловской печати 16-17 веков Псковского музея-заповедника (Введение).

Московский печатный двор (Printing Court, Moscow) – pre-Nikonian editions: