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Idiómela, Autómela and Prosómoia (Samoglásny, Samopodóbny and Podóbny)


In the Byzantine (Greek) Chant Tradition:
Autómela and Prosómoia

In the Russian (Slavonic) Chant Traditions:
Samopodóbny and Podóbny


Metered text (and music), where the textual metre of the Automelon (original model melody) carries through for all Prosomoia hymns composed after the model Automelon


Because translations of the Greek hymns into the Church Slavonic language by nature cannot conform to the textual metre of the orginal Greek texts, the Slavic "Podobny" are composed on the principle of having flexible melodic patterns for each line, rather than trying to preserve the original textual metre. Slavic Podobny may have the same number of lines or phrases, but the phrases are able to accommodate a flexible number of syllables.


Resouces for Prosómoia

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