A Bibliography of Literary Sources Concerning the
History and Culture of the Russian Old Believers

This list is a number of years old. There are several more newer sources that will be added in the near future.

*Items with an asterisk do not have complete information. More information is currently being gathered and will be added as soon as possible.

I. Books

*Andreev. [The Raskol' and its Significance]

*Anonymous. Le Raskol'. Paris, 1859.

Billings, James H. The Icon and the Ax. New York, 1966. (see pp. 116-162.)

Bolshakoff, S. Russian Non-Conformity. Philadelphia, 1950.

*Bordeaux, M. Opium of the People. 1965. (some references to the situation of Old Believers during the Soviet era)

Call, Paul. Vasily L. Kelsiev: An Encounter Between the Russian Revolutionaries and the Old Believers. Nordland, 1979.

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Denisov, Andrei. Pomorskie Otvety (Shore-dwellers' Questions), Uralsk, 1911 (undoubtedly a reprint).

*Florovsky, Georges. Ways of Russian Theology. Nordland, 1979.

Grass, K.K. Die russischen Secten. Two volumes. Leipzig, 1907-14.

Heard, Albert F. The Russian Church and Russian Dissent, Comprising Orthodoxy, Dissent, and Erratic Sects. New York: Harper, 1887.

Ivanovskii. [History of the Russian Raskol'] 2 vol., Kazan, 1895/1897.

*Kelsiev. [several (5?) volumes of unknown materials]. London, 1860-70.

Klibanov, A. I. History of Religious Sectarianism in Russia (1860s to 1970). Translated (poorly) by Ethyl Dunn, Ed. by Stephen P. Dunn. N.Y., Pergamon Press, 1982.

Knie, F. Die russisch-schismatische Kirche. Graz, 1894.

The Life of the Archpriest Avvakum by Himself. London, 1924. Also available in English in A Treasury of Russian Spirituality, by George P. Fedotov. (Nordland, 1975.)

*Kostomarov, H. I. unknown writings

*Liprandi, J. V. unknown writings

*Livanov, Th. unknown writings

*Macarius, Bishop of Moscow. [History of the Raskol']. 1889.

Mel'gunov, S. P. Staroobriadcheskiia i sektantskiia obshchiny: zakon 17 oktiabria 1906 g.). Moscow, 1907.

*Melnikov, P. [Historical Sketch of the Popovshchina]. Moscow, 1864.

*Melnikov, P. Pismo o Raskole (Treatice on the Raskol').

Meyendorff, Paul. Russia, Ritual and Reform. St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, Crestwood, NY, 1991.

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Milovidiv, V. F. Staroobriadchestvo v proshlom i nastoiashchem. (The Old Rite in the Past and Prestent). Moscow, 1969.

*[Ministers of the Interior]. [Collection of Statutes Concerning the Raskol']. (A pre-revolutionary Russian survey of statutes.)

*Nilskii, I. [Some Words on the Raskol']

*Novitski, O. unknown writings

*Palmer, William. The Patriarch and the Tsar. Six volumes. London, 1871-76.

*Palmieri, Rev. [History of the Russian Church-in Italian]. Chiesa Russa.

Pascal, Pierre. Avvakum et les débuts du Raskol; la crise religieuse au XVIIe siècle en Russie. (Avvakum and the Beginning of the Schism: The Religious Crisis of 17th Century Russia). Paris, Ligugé, 1938.

Prugavin, A. S. Raskol-sektanstvo- Vypusk 1: Bibliografiia staroobriadchestva i ego razvetlenii, (Schism and Sect, 1: Bibliography of the Old Belief and its Branches), Moscow, 1887.

*Robson, Roy. unknown materials

Sakharov, F. K. Literatura istorii i oblicheniia russkogo raskola, (Literature on the History and Exposure of the Russian Schism), in 3 vols., Tambov, 1887-1900.

Scheffel, David. In the Shadow of Antichrist: The Old Believers in Alberta. Broadview Press Ltd., 1991.

*Shchapov, A. Russkii Raskol' Staroobriadchestva. Kazan?

*Uzov (or Iuzov)?, I. Tserkov' Khristova vremenno bez episkopa (The Church of Christ Without a Bishop). no information available.

*Uzov (or Iuzov)?, I. Russkie Dissidenty (Russian Dissidents). St. Petersburg, 1881.

*Ware, Timothy. The Orthodox Church. (see the 1st half of chapter 6.)

Zenkovskii, Sergei A. Russkoe staroobriadchestvo. (Russian Old Ritualism). Munich, Fink Verlag, 1970.

*Zernov, Nicholas. Moscow the Third Rome. London, 1937.

*Zernov, Nicholas. The Russians and their Church. (see chapter XI, p. 93.)

II. Articles

Cherniavsky, Michael. "The Old Religion and the New Religion," Slavic Review, Vol. 25, No. 1 (March 1966).

*Cherniavsky, Michael. "Old Believers," information unknown.

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Smithson, Michael James (University of Oregon). "Of Icons and Motorcycles: A Sociological Study of Acculturation Among Russian Old Believers...."; available from University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Spinka, Matthew. "Patriarch Nikon and the Subjection of the Russian Church to the State," Church History, vol. 10 (Dec., 1941).

*(book or article?) Thornton, R. [article on the life of patriarch Nikon] Lives of Eminent Russian Prelates, 1854.

*Zenkovsky, Serge A. "The Confession of Epiphany, A Muscovite Visionary," periodical unidentified, p 46.

Zenkovsky, Serge A. "The Russian Church Schism," Russian Review, 16, No. 4 (1957).

*another article in The Journal of Erie Studies

III. Periodicals (for and against the Old Belief)

*All microfilm/microform sources are presently unknown.

Bratskoe slovo (Fraternal Word), 1875-1917?, reproduced in microfilm; published/edited by N. I (or N). Subbotin and the edinoverets Archimandrite Pavel (Prusskii).

Drug Istiny (Friend of Truth), Moscow, 1888-1890.

Missionerskoe Obozrenie (Missionary Review), 1896-99 (Kiev: Pobedonostsev, B.M. Skortsov); 1899-? (St. Petersburg). [against the Old Belief?]

Narodnaia Gazeta (Popular Gazette), dates unknown (Moscow); twice a week (or month?) they published a suppliment called Golos Staroobriadtsa (The Voice of the Old Ristualists, a chronicle of the Old Belief), and once a month they published the Isbornik (Selections, a suppliment dedicated to the history of the Old Believers).

Pravoslavnyi putevoditel' (Orthodox Guide), 1903-06 (monthly), 1906-? (bimonthly).

Pravoslavnyi sobesednik (The Orthodox Interlocutor), 1855-1917?; an academic journal issued by the State Church, sort of aimed as a dialogue with the Old Believers.

Slovo Pravdy (The Word of Truth), 1896-97 (Braila, Romania).

Staroobriadcheskaia mysl' (Old Ritualist Thought), reproduced in microfilm; 1910-16.

Staroobriadcheskii pastyr' (Old Ritualist Pastor), reproduced in microfilm; 1913-14.

Staroobriadcheskii pomorskii zhurnal (Old Ritualist Shore-dwellers Journal), reproduced in microfilm; 1908-9.

Staroobriadcheskii viestnik (Old Ritualist Messenger), 1905-? (Klimutz in Bukovina).

Staroobriadets (The Old Ritualist), 1878-85 (Austria).

Staroobriadets (The Old Ritualist), 1906-? (Nizhnyi Novgorod). [An important publication.]

Staroobriadtsy (The Old Ritualists), reproduced in microfilm; 1908-9.

Tserkov' (The Church), reproduced in microfilm; 1908-14.

*Tserkov' (The Church), currently produced by the Old Believers of the Belokrinitsa Hierarchy in Australia; information not presently available.

IV. Miscellaneous Reference Sources of interest to Old Believers
(but not directly pertaining to the Old Belief)

Baumgarten, N. de. Saint Vladimir et la conversion de la Russie. (St. Vladimir and the Conversion of Russia). Orientalia Christiana, 79. Rome, 1932.

Cross, S.H. (translator). The Primary Russian Chronicle. Harvard Studies and Notes in Philology and Literature, XII. Cambridge, 1930.

Domostroi. (compiled by Silvestr, 16th c.) Bradda Books Ltd., Letchworth, Hertfordshire, England (out of business). 1971.

Dmytryshyn, Basil. Medieval Russia: A Source Book, 900-1700. New York, 1967.

Duchesne, E. (translator). Le Stoglav, ou les Cent Chaptires; recueil des decisions de l'assemblée ecclésiastique de Moscou, 1551. Bibliothéque de l'Institut français de Petrograd, 5. Paris, 1920.

*Guide to Russian Reprints and Microforms, New York, Pilvax Publishing Corporation, 1973 (now out of business?).

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