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Musical Notation Systems
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Byzantine Notational Systems

Paleo-Byzantine Notations

Middle Byzantine Notation

Late Byzantine Notation

Modern Byzantine Notation

  • Byzantine Music Notation - Βυζαντινή Μουσική (St. Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery)
  • PDF Reading Psalmodia - An introduction to modern Byzantine Notation - David J. Melling
    Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
  • The free "EZ" Byzantine Music Font Package – (Fr. Ephraim, St. Anthony's Monastery, Arizona) This is a complete music fonts package with macros that automate the writing process and give the final product a professional look. The fonts used are similar to the ones available at (the free "ED" font package), but they have been considerably expanded by Elie Dhoun in Beirut. We took Elie's version and then made several other minor changes to polish note positioning and also changed a few symbols. Furthermore, we also wrote some macros for Microsoft Word for these fonts: one macro automatically makes all the appropriate notes red and another macro automatically fine-tunes the relative note positions for a cleaner look (e.g., the klasma and the gorgon in some note combinations are automatically fixed when misaligned, the martyries are automatically lowered, etc.) There are also four more macros included (one for each direction) that allow you to adjust the position of a single note manually, without affecting the position of the notes around it. All these macros may be inserted in the toolbar of Word so that it just takes the click of a button to do any fine-tuning. [Jan 2005]
  • Melodos (Greek language only) – Software for typesetting Byzantine Chant notation. TRANSLATION of the the Manual.
  • Byzantina 1.0 – developed by Stefanos Souldatos. The easy-to-use Byzantine Music Font Package BYZANTINA was developed by Stefanos Souldatos and Father Ephraim. It is an improved version of the EZ package, created by Father Ephraim, priest-monk at St. Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery in Arizona.
  • ByzWriter 2.0 (Byzantine Notation Program) (English/Greek) – BYZWRITER 2.0 is a new system for writing the Byzantine Music Notation and has been created by Dr. Gezerlis G. Velissarios, University of Athens, Departement of Informatics & Telecommunications, Greece.

Regional Variations

Russian Notational Systems

Russian Znamenny Notation

Demestvenny Notation Put' Notation

Kievan Square-note Notation (Also called Synodal Square-note Notation, Quadratic Notation, etc.

Other Systems

Computer-related Issues