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The Russian Old Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in Znamenny Chant


November, 2007

The Church of Our Lord's Ascension in Gervais, Oregon, a parish of priested Old Believers under Archbishop Sofronii (jurisdiction of the Belokrinitsa Hierarchy of Old Believers, based in Braila, Romania), is pleased to announce the release of their first recording: a 2-CD set entitled "The Russian Old Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in Znamenny Chant." The entire service is sung in Church Slavonic. We have recorded the complete Divine Liturgy (sung in unison by a men's ensemble) for a typical Sunday, including three additional selections of alternate melodies. The chanters are a select ensemble of choir members from our parish: Rev. Porfiri Toran, Fr. Deacon Nikita Toran, Ivan Chesnokov, George Chesnokov, Paul Chesnokov and David Toran. The recording and production was done by Nikita Syrnikov (Simmons). Audio samples of 6 tracks may be heard by clicking on the links below.

The price of each 2-CD set is $20, plus $2 shipping and handling for 1-3 CDs. Bulk pricing is available upon request. Bookstores or online CD distributors who wish to carry our recording in their catalog are welcome to contact us. The e-mail address is: starina77 \ at \



1. End of the 9th Hour (Dismissal)
2. Blessing and the Great Litany (Ektene of Peace)
3. Psalm 102 (Special Melody, Tone 5: Rejoice) [0:59 sample]
4. Small Litany
5. Psalm 145 (Special Melody, Tone 5: Rejoice)
6. “O Only-begotten Son…”
7. Small Litany
8. Beatitudes (with Troparia, Tone 5)
9. “Come, let us worship…”
10. Troparion and Kontakion (for Holy Thursday)
11. “Holy God…” (Trisagion)
12. Prokeimenon (Tone 5) & Epistle (1 Cor. 11:23-32)
13. Alleluia (Tone 5) and Gospel Reading (John 6:48-54)
14. The Litanies: Litany of Fervent Supplication; Litany for the Catechumens; Expulsion of the Catechumens and First Litany for the Faithful; 2nd Litany for the Faithful
15. The Cherubic Hymn [1:25 sample]
16. Litany: “Let us complete our prayers to the Lord”; Dialogue: “The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…”


1. Конец 9-го часа (Отпуст)
2. Благословение и великая (мирная) ектения
3. Псалом 102 (глас 5, подобен: Радуйся) [0:59]
4. Малая ектения
5. Псалом 145 (глас 5, подобен: Радуйся)
6. “Единородныи сыне…”
7. Малая ектения
8. Блажены (с тропарями, глас 5)
9. “Приидите, поклонимся…”
10. Тропарь и кондак (Святого Четвертка)
11. “Святыи Боже…” (Трисвятое)
12. Прокимен (глас 5) и Апостол (1 Кор. 11:23-32)
13. Аллилуия и Евангелие (Иоанн 6:48-54)
14. Ектении: Сугубая ектения; Ектения об оглашённых; “Оглашеннии изыдите” и Первая ектения о верных; Вторая ектения о верных
15. Херувимская песнь [1:25]
16. Ектения: “Исплним молитвы нашя Господеви”; Диалог: “Отца и Сына и Святаго Духа”


17. The Confession of the Orthodox Faith (The Creed)
18. The Anaphora: “Mercy, peace, sacrifice and song”; “Let us lift up our hearts”; “Holy, holy, holy…”; The Consecration; “Thine own of Thine own…”
19. “It is truly meet…” (Tone 5)
20. The Commemorations, and the Litany: “Having remembered all the saints…”
21. The Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father…” (Tone 7) [1:55 - complete audio sample]
22. Exclamation; Prayer with Bowed Heads; “One is Holy…”
23. Communion Hymn for Sunday: “Praise the Lord from the heavens.”
24. Pre-Communion: “With fear of God and with faith draw near.” “Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord; God is the Lord and hath appeared unto us.”
25. Pre-Communion Prayers
26. Communion of the Faithful: “The precious and most honourable Body and Blood…” “Receive the Body of Christ, and taste of the fountain of immortality.” (thrice)
27. Post-Communion Hymn: “Blessed is our God…”; “Let our mouths be filled with Thy praise...”
28. Post-Communion Litany; Prayer Below the Ambon
29. “Blessed be the name of the Lord” (thrice); Psalm 33: “I will bless the Lord at all times…” [0:58 sample]
30. The Dismissal Sequence: “It is truly meet…, More honourable than the cherubim…”; Dismissal
31. The Sticheron of the Cross, Tone 6: “We who are walled about by the Cross…”
32. Homily by St. John Chrysostom: An Instruction on the Gospel Reading according to St. Matthew, read on the Sunday before the Nativity of Christ. (excerpt) [0:57 sample]
33. “Preserve, O Lord, for many years…”
34. Departure Prayers, Blessing and Sunday Greeting

35. “It is truly meet…” (Put’ Chant)
36. “In thee rejoiceth…” (Zadostoinik for the Liturgy of St. Basil the Great) [1:13 sample]
37. The Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father…” (Tone 6)


17. Исповедание православныя веры (“Верую”)
18. Анафора: “Милость, мир, жертву и пение”; “Горе имеем сердца”; “Свят, свят, свят…”; Посвящение; “Твоя от твоих…”
19. “Достоийно есть…” (глас 5)
20. Поминании, и ектения: “Вся святыя помянувше…”
21. “Отче наш…” (глас 7) [1:55]
22. Возглас; Молитва на главопреклонении; “Един свят…”
23. Причастен в неделю: “Хвалите Господа с небес.”
24. “Со страхом Божиим и верою приступите.” “Благословен грядыи во имя Господня; Бог Господь и явися нам.”
25. Причастныя молитвы
26. Причащение верных: “Честное и пречестное Тело и Кровь…” “Тело Христово приимите, и источника безсмертнаго вкусите.” (трижды)
27. “Благословен Бог наш…”; “Да исполнятся уста наша пения…”
28. Ектения; Молитва заамвонная
29. “Буди имя Господне…” (трижды); Псалом 33: “Благословлю Господа на всяко время…” [0:58]
30. “Достойно есть…, Честнейшую херувим…”; Отпуст
31. Стихера кресту, глас 6: “Иже крестом ограждаемии…”
32. Поучение Иоанна Златоустаго в неделю пред рождеством Христовым, евангелие от Матфея. (выдержка) [0:57]
33. “Многолетны соблюди, Господи…”
34. Исходные молитвы, благословение и воскресенское приветствие

35. “Достойно есть…” (путевое распев)
36. “О тебе радуется…” (Задостойник литургия ст. Василия великаго) [1:13]
37. “Отче наш…” (глас 6)


The Russian Old Believer
Church of Our Lord's Ascension in Gervais, Oregon


Members of the right kliros (choir)
practicing for a recording session.