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March, 2007: Curriculum vitae: Nikita Simmons

May 21, 2006: A PDF file of only the Podobny of the Lvov Irmologion of 1709 can be downloaded from this site. I also added a link to Jopi Harri's new home page, which has many valuable research materials.September 9, 2005: I added a few more links to Western chant sources, including a site featuring Ambrosian Chant. I amso added another PDF document about bell ringing (Н.И. Завьялов – В ПОМОЩЬ ЗВОНАРЮ – ОБ УСТАВНЫХ ЗВОНАХ).

12 August 2005: Today I added a setting of the Lord's Prayer in Slavonic in Great Znamenny Chant, Tone 7, according to the Lipovan Old Believer singing tradition. It is transcribed into Kievan Square-note notation.2 August 2005: I've begun to expand the Guest Musicologists section. Two new participants have joined this project, and I post some of their articles soon. 30 July 2005: Today I added some materials on Bells and Bell-Ringing.

28 July 2005: This evening I added an Invitation for Participants in the Guests Musicologists project.

22 July 2005: Today I again revised the entire PSALOM site. Much of the material, including chant books and music scores, has been moved, and many links changed. I have made this revision as a means of consolidating many loose ends in the internal structure of the site, and finally I think I'm close to a logical and consistent organization of the Regional Chant Systems. (I will re-upload most of the Russian Chant Books in the next few days, so please be patient.)

26 June 2005: Today I revised (slightly) the organization of this home page. I also revised the presentation of the pages dealing with Orthodox Chant Books [now redistributed], and I added a Comprehensive Catalog of Printed Editions of the Synodal Chant Books.

30 May 2005: Today I reorganized the section on Hymnography (see the left column of this page) to allow for a more logical expansion of this area in the near future. As part of this effort, I have redistributed my large collection of Podobny melodies (approximately 15 MB of files, just about everything I've collected over the years as separate documents, mostly PDFs). All previous links have changed, and may be accessed through the links in the left column.

18 May 2005: I added a new collection of Melodies for the Troparion for Pascha in Znamenny Chant. This collection was transcribed from all printed sources and recordings of oral traditions that are available to me. (There are other more lengthy setting which were sung following the Paschal Stichera, but they are not included here.)

12 February 2005: Today I added a fairly comprehensive catalogue of the pre-Nikonian (neumatic) chant books, together with an analysis of their contents. (These catalogues need to be finalized in the future, but for now they are available for people to work with.)

23 January 2005: Today I did a MAJOR overhaul to the internal structure of the PSALOM website. Unfortunately, anyone who has created links directly to certain pages may find that they don't work any more. (Sorry, but progress comes with a price.) But don't fear -- nothing has been eliminated, just shifted to a more logical location on the site, so just look around and you are sure to find it again. (Now I will be able to add notated music and audio files where they logically belong! Check back in the near future for these additions.)

22 January 2005: 4 new selections have been added: Guest musicologist Dr. Stephen Reynolds has completed two new items: Nikolov's Bulgarian Chant Troparia (Lesser Chant Set) and A Bibliography of the Eight-Mode System of the Churches of Southwestern and Western Rus'. Nikita Simmons has done a preliminary survey: On the Role of the Canonarch in Orthodox Worship, and answers the question: What are Ecclesiarchs and Paraecclesiarchs?

25 December 2005: I am happy to announce that there are 3 new additions to the section presenting traditional chant book materials:
1) Б. Кутузов – Всенощная и Литургия – Обиход знаменного пения.
This is an Obikhod of Znamenny Chants for the Vigil and Liturgy as transcribed by B. Kutuzov. The transcriptions are made from post-Nikonian sources of the 18th century and do not accurately reflect the earlier melodies found in the neumatic chant books. Nevertheless, this is a fine collection of materials for New Rite Znamenny singing.
2) Песнопения богослужебнаго обихода знаменнаго распева: Литургия – составил Игор Сахно. This is an Obikhod for the Divine Liturgy containing Znamenny chants from both pre-Nikonian and post-Nikonian manuscripts. While the transcriptions of the melodies (by Igor Sakhno) are fairly accurate, all the pre-Nikonian selections have been altered to reflect the Nikonian texts. This is an amazing collection of melodies.
Песнопения богослужебнаго обихода древных распевов: Божественная литургия на архиерейском священнослужнии – составил Игор Сахно This is an Obikhod for the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy containing an amazing collection of traditional Znamenny and Byzantine chants from both pre-Nikonian and post-Nikonian manuscripts. Like the previous volume, while the transcriptions of the melodies (by Igor Sakhno) are fairly accurate, all the pre-Nikonian selections have been altered to reflect the Nikonian texts.

RECENT NEWS: A new collection of Podobny was published in 2004 by the Holy Trinity-St. Jonah Monastery in Kiev. This amazing collection of melodies is a fine addition to any musicologist's library. However, the editors of the book did not identify the melodic line in the choral arrangements. A group of volunteers is currently trying to identify the melodic lines, and the information will be listed on THIS PAGE.

11 December, 2004 -Additions: I have redesigned this home page a bit, especially regarding the Regional Chant Systems section below. The various pages of regional chant systems are currently only place-holders for information, and I will return to thiese pages to organize and expand this information. (The Notated Music Archives and Audio Archives are still in the planning stages.)

12 November, 2004 -Additions: The Resurrectional Hypakoi in the 8 Tones from the Octoechos in Znamenny Chant (these were not included in the Synodal Octoechos. I have included both the original Slavonic (from "Type" B notation with vocalizations of hard and soft signs) and a translation into English. These are transcribed into square-note notation. — I also uploaded two more selections to the Chant Books section: The Liturgy book by N.G. Denisov in modern Znamenny Chant and the Uspenskii Sobor (Dormition Cathedral) Sbornik. I also uploaded an article by Prof. Johann von Gardner to the Research section (The Singing of Kathismata in Early-Russian Liturgical Practice).

3 November, 2004 -This evening I uploaded the Synodal Octoechos (square-note edition of 1900), divided into 10 PDF files. See the Orthodox Chant Books page for links to this book.

1 November, 2004 - After a lengthy hiatus while working on other parts of the web site, I have uploaded my entire collection of Georgian Orthodox Liturgical Music, including a traditional version of the Cherubic Hymn which has not previously been available outside Georgia.

26 August, 2004 - I added an extensive collection of Bulgarian Byzantine Chant Podoben melodies (arranged by Peter Dinev, 1949) and created links to this document from the three catalog pages and the sources page.

5 August, 2004 - I added a melody for the Tone 6 Podoben "Nenachaemaia" - Old Believer melody (oral tradition).

2 August, 2004 - The General Katavasii for the Most Holy Theotokos, in Tone 4: I will open my mouth... (PDF) - Common Znamenny Chant melodies used by the Old Believers in Oregon and many parts of Russia (an abbreviated form of the Great Znamenny melodies).

23 July, 2004 - Many thanks to Jopi Harri for contibuting a scanned copy of the Valaam Obichod (PDF, 11 mg). Several of the pages are a bit skewed, but not too badly. I am quite impressed with the quality compared with what is coming from Russia these days.

22 July, 2004 - I have upload more of the missing files for the chant books: the Synodal Triodion. All that is left is the Obikhod. Available files of the Synodal Octoechos and Irmologion do not meet the standards I want on my web site, so I am looking for any volunteers who may want to help scan these chant books. It would be good to have these books available in the future. - I also upload an article in Church Slavonic (PDF) which condemns harmonized singing, which is the introduction of Volume 2 of the pre-Nikonian Octoechos. (I understand that this is a controvertial issue, but I am presenting the text for those who have requested it. To be fair, while it has many good points, it also overlooks the fact that the Georgian Orthodox Church has had a "canonical" system of polyphony dating back probably to the 9th century.)

15 July, 2004 - More updates to the catalog of Podobny for Stichera. Also, I have upload more of the missing files for the chant books: the Synodal Prazdniki and the Kalashnikov "Azbuka".

8 July, 2004 - Updated the catalog of Podobny for Stichera, with the addition of several musical examples which have been collected and submitted. I also reorganized the presentation of the Podobny information, creating a new introduction page.

26 June, 2004 - added Archive of Articles, a way of trying to preserve articles from Web sites that might eventually disappear.

25 June, 2004 - added section on Musical Notation Systems. More materials will be added, including fonts.

22 June, 2004 - preparation for opening site to the public.



July 30, 2005: Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Brookline, Massachusetts (USA), a Greek Orthodox Monastery, has announced that they will be offering a complete translation of the Monthly Menaion. The 12 volume set, which will only be sold as a complete set, will be $1000 US, plus shipping and handling, and will be available in September of 2005. For more information, see the PDF file at their web site: HTM Menaion.

Holy Transfiguration Monastery has also announced that they are in the production stage for an instructional CD, which will teach chanters how to sing 50 Prosomoia (Podobny) melodies in Byzantine Chant. (See the previously-mentioned PDF.)

Summer School of Liturgical Music at Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, NY. The 2004 session begins on Sunday, July 11, 2004, and ends Saturday, July 24.

2-й Всероссийский Съезд любителей древнерусского церковного пения пройдет в Москве в c 28 июня по 2 июля 2004 г. (2nd All-Russian Conference for those who love Early Russian Church Singing: June 28 - July 2, 2004) - This conference has concluded and information is available at their web site.

June 24, 2004: New Pannikhida book available from the St. Romanos the Melodist Society. The Pannikhida, which is 51 pages long, contains the complete Pannikhida, or memorial service in English.

October 6-10, 2004: 17th Annual Russian Orthodox Church Musicians' Conference - Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Santa Rosa, Northern California.

May 11, 2005: 12th International Conference on Eastern Chant, 16th–19th May 2005. Transmission and Reconstruction of Christian Musical Heritage.
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