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Carpatho-Rusyn Chant (and its regional traditions)

Prostopinije (Slav. prostopinije, "simple chant") is the traditional liturgical chant of the Rusyn peoples of the Carpathian Mountains, and of their descendents who immigrated to other parts of the world. This chant is sung in the monasteries and parishes of the Byzantine (Ruthenian) Catholic Church and the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church in the United States, and in the Ruthenian Catholic dioceses of Mukačevo (Ukraine), Prešov and Kosice (Slovakia), Hajdudorog (Hungary), Krisevtsi (Croatia), and Ruski Kerestur (Serbia) in Europe. For centuries, prostopinije was largely an oral tradition, especially where the commonly used melodies were involved. Even today, the melodies may be sung with small variations from one parish to the next. Two slightly different traditions of prostopinije grew up over time around the cathedral towns of Mukačevo and Prešov.

For more information, see the Metropolitan Cantor Institute's page on Prostopinije.

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