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 4. Church Slavonic Translations

Please Note: Web pages with Church Slavonic texts may require the installation of fonts to render the text accurately. Please install the font "Triodion" from the Irmologion font web site. (The TrueType package is probably the better choice, and will work in all computer platforms.) While the Irmologion site has several excellent fonts, the Triodion typeface was chosen for its legibility and clarity of design, features necessary for liturgical use. In addition, installing the "Triod" font is recommended in order to view any pages using old orthography Russian texts. (I have placed tags in the HTML to display these fonts properly; not installing the fonts may result in gibberish.)

Псалтирь – Оглавление (Новое он-лайн издание)

Псалтырь с последованием (по старому обряду) – Часть 1Часть 2 [PDFs]

О Псалтири

Источники (он-лайн)