The Orthodox Psalter Project

 6. Finnish Psalter / Psalttari (Suomeksi)

Psalttari (The Psalter in Finnish)

Please note: While the 1992 Lutheran translation (from the Massoretic Text) has been approved by the Finnish Orthodox Church for study, its liturgical use has been controversial for a number of reasons [EXPLAIN].

This DRAFT adaptation (unapproved!) was prepared for liturgical use (matching the Septuagint psalm divisions and numering) by Nikita Simmons, June 2009. However, only after completing this task did I learn about the problems involved in the acceptance of the 1992 text for liturgical use, and so the reader must be cautioned that the following version is intended solely for study and should not be used for any other purpose.

Suomi - Raamattu (1933,38)
     Vanha Testamentti - Vuoden 1933 kirkolliskokouksen käyttöön ottama suomennos.
     Uusi Testamentti - Vuoden 1938 kirkolliskokouksen käyttöön ottama suomennos.