The Orthodox Psalter Project

 About the Orthodox Psalter Project

About the translation project

This project, undertaken by David James, Nikita Simmons, and hopefully a few other editors and translators, has a couple different objectives.

1) A new [revised] translation of the Psalter. The Coverdale translation of the Psalms, best known for its superb beauty and style, and because it has remained central to the traditional Anglican/U.S. Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer, has been chosen as a literary foundation for a revised translation. However, there are many places where the translation from the Hebrew Massoretic Text does not agree with the recieved Septuagint text This project attempts to rectify the situation without departing from the traditional style of language.

2) Supplemental materials. This new edition plans to include all the supplemental material which is found before and after the Psalms in the Liturgical Psalter (all of which was omitted from the well-known "Boston/HTM Psalter", since it is not included in the Greek editions). The source for this material is from the reprint of an unidentified Kievan edition of the Church Slavonic Psalter, printed in 1959 by Holy Trinity Monastery (Jordanville, NY). Reference has also been made to the pre-Nikonian Liturgical Psalter (Psaltyr s posledovaniem) published in Moscow in 1651 (reprinted in the early 20th century in Moscow by the Preobrazhenskii Bogodelnyi Dom - [Holy Transfiguration Almsgiving House]), which supplies the Slavonic text for the Letter of St. Athanasius to Marcellinus.

To support this project, this web site hosts a diverse selection of materials relating to the Psalter: translation texts, study and reference materials, links, and news about similar projects currently under way. In our efforts to prepare a new edition of the Psalter, we have had to consult numerous other translations, including:

Who are we?

Each editor is contributing material based on their individual strengths and talents. The team presently includes:

David James

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Project responsibilities: David's talents include a knowledge of the Psalter texts in English translation, together with an understanding of the original Greek and Slavonic texts. His focus (among other things) includes the preparation of a new English translation of the Psalms.

Nikita Simmons

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Project responsibilities: Nikita's talents include a knowledge of traditional liturgics and their historical origins. His focus is almost entirely upon the supplemental material which is found before and after the Psalms in the Liturgical Psalter. Before he was invited to join this project, David had previously assembled most of this supplemental material; Nikita's task is to organize and expand on this material, track down its origins, and add commentaries to its use within the Russian Church from a historical perspective.

This project has the blessing and support of:

Bishop Jerome
His Grace JEROME, Bishop of Manhattan, Vicar of the Eastern American Diocese (ROCOR)