The Liturgical Psalter – A Proposed Table of Contents

for a new comprehensive English-language edition, currently in production, with original Slavonic text materials available on this web site.

See the Commentaries on the Proposed Table of Contents.

Псалтирь – Оглавление

Psalter – Table of Contents

  • Предисловие
  • Editor's Introduction

Научные материалы

Didactic Materials

  • Символ, рекше исповедание, иже во святыхъ Отца нашего Афанасия, патриарха Александрийскаго; О Христе
  • The Athanasian Creed; About Christ
  • Blessed Anastasius: Questions and Answers on Theology
  • From the Exposition of Faith by St. Maximus: Brief Questions and Answers for All Orthodox Christians
  • Краткое изъявление на изображение знамения Креста Святаго на лице своем (PDF)
  • A Brief Explanation of the Form of the Sign of the Cross
  • Excerpts from St. Basil
  • The Sayings of Augustine the Teacher and Others, from the Prologue, on the Power of the Psalms
  • Blessed Theodoret: Commentary on the Fifth Psalm
  • Possible other inclusions:
    • The Letter of our Holy Father Athanasius, Archbishop of Alexandria, to Marcellinus, on the Interpretation of the Psalms
    • Extract from St. John Chrysostom’s Panegyric on the Psalms

Устав о псалтири

Introductory Materials

  • Устав святых отцов, Богом преданный, всем хотящим пети Псалтирь – Устав о Псалтири, како должно есть глаголати во все лето (PDF)
  • A Rule of the Holy Fathers – The Rubrics for How the Psalter is to be Said Throughout the Whole Year
  • Prayers Before Reading the Psalter

Псалтирь и библейские песни

The Psalter and the Biblical Odes

  • Кафизма первая
  • Кафизма вторая
  • Кафизма третия
  • Кафизма четвертая
  • Кафизма пятая
  • Кафизма шестая
  • Кафизма седьмая
  • Кафизма восьмая
  • Кафизма девятая
  • Кафизма десятая
  • Кафизма одиннадцатая
  • Кафизма двенадцатая
  • Кафизма тринадцатая
  • Кафизма четырнадцатая
  • Кафизма пятнадцатая
  • Кафизма шестнадцатая
  • Кафизма семнадцатая
  • Кафизма восемнадцатая
  • Кафизма девятнадцатая
  • Кафизма двадцатая
  • The First Kathisma
  • The Second Kathisma
  • The Third Kathisma
  • The Fourth Kathisma
  • The Fifth Kathisma
  • The Sixth Kathisma
  • The Seveneth Kathisma
  • The Eighth Kathisma
  • The Ninth Kathisma
  • The Tenth Kathisma
  • The Eleventh Kathisma
  • The Twelveth Kathisma
  • The Thirteenth Kathisma
  • The Fourteenth Kathisma
  • The Fifteenth Kathisma
  • The Sixteenth Kathisma
  • The Seventeenth Kathisma
  • The Eighteenth Kathisma
  • The Nineteenth Kathisma
  • The Twentieth Kathisma
  • Troparia & Prayers for the Kathismata of the Psalter (awaiting permission to post)

О чтении Псалтири

Conclusion for Reading the Psalter

  • Prayers after Reading (Some or All Kathismata of) the Psalter and the Canticles
  • Порядок чтения псалтири на всякую потребу (О чтении Псалтири на всякую потребу)
  • Concerning Prayers for the Reposed

Богослужебные материалы

Liturgical Materials Accompanying the Use of the Psalter

  • The Selected Psalms and Megalynaria (Magnifications) for the Principal Feasts
  • Refrains on Feasts of the Lord and Theotokos, Sung at the 9th Ode of the Canon

Молитвенные материалы

Materials Accompanying the Use of the Psalter in [Private] Prayer

  • The Rite Chanted During the Departure of the Soul from the Body: The Canons to the Lord and Theotokos at the Departure of the Soul
    [See the commentary for information about this service.]

  • The Rite Chanted Following the Departure of the Soul from the Body
  • The Commemoration (Memorial Prayers)
  • The Hymn of St. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan

Материалы вместо служб

Materials for Replacing the Divine Services with the Psalms

  • The Rite for Singing the Twelve Psalms
  • A Rule According to the Prayer Rope
  • Служба воскресная, 6-го гласа
  • The Service for Sundays in Tone 6

Иные материалы (?)

Possible Other Inclusions:

  • The General Canon for the Departed
  • The General Canon for One Who Has Departed
  • Appendix of Old Rite Materials:
    • "On the Christian Life"
    • Materials from "The Rule of Domestic Prayer" (Prayer Rules, Replacing Services, etc.)