Православные литургические ресурсы – Orthodox Liturgical Resources

This web site grew out of a project I started in January of 2002: The Typicon Translation Project (a project which is in now in the hands of two capable translators). I felt a great need for all the members of our project to have access to a consistent set of translated materials in order to achieve consistency throughout its text. After creating this database of resource materials, I felt that the general public should be able to make use of it as well. Focus is upon presenting New Rite Russian materials, but translations from the Greek and other languages will be presented as they are relevant. (Russian Old Rite materials are located at specific sub-section of SYNAXIS.INFO.)

SYNAXIS is dedicated to providing resources for those who are liturgists (clergy, choir directors, ecclesiarchs/ustavshchiki, scholars, etc.) and all who are interested in Eastern Orthodox Christian liturgics. There are several areas of focus:

  • Православное Богослужение – Orthodox Worship – Basic Instructional Materials
  • Богослужебные книги – Service Books – Liturgical Texts for the Cycles of Services
  • Домшные молитвы – Domestic Prayers
  • Богослужебный календарь – Liturgical Calendar
  • Синаксарь: Жития святых всего лета – Synaxarion: Lives of the Saints for the Whole Year
  • Устав: Богослужебный устав всего лета – Typikon: Liturgical Rules for the Whole Year
  • Поучения – Homiletic Books
  • Каноническое право – Canon Law
  • Справочные материалы – Reference Materials (Primarily in English)

DISCLAIMER 1: This Web site is owned by Mr. Nikita Simmons, a Russian Orthodox Old Believer living in Woodburn, Oregon, U.S.A. Despite my jurisdictional affiliation, I wish to stress that this web site has NO official ties or endorsement with any ecclesiastical jurisdiction, nor will I intentionally use it as a place of propaganda or controversy. The sole intent and purpose of this Web site is RESEARCH, and therefore it contains an eclectic mix of Old and New Rite Russian (as well as some Greek and Finnish) Orthodox materials. (This should be a good starting resource for those who wish to compare the Old and New Rites.) There is no "hidden agenda" in this, nor is there any intended social, political or theological statement; this site is intended to be purely a resource for Orthodox liturgists, who will certainly benefit from access to a greater diversity of materials.

If there is any personal agenda on this Web site, I will state here that I am a fairly conservative traditionalist in matters of Orthodox beliefs and practices, and I try to avoid any modernist and unrealistic or unfounded "reconstructionist" approaches to the Orthodox Faith, as well as abbreviated services. Therefore, on this Web site most texts of hymns and prayers will contain traditional liturgical English (thee/thou) as opposed to modern translations ("you-who" style). For translations into English, I will also indicate whether the original text is according to the received New Rite Slavonic (post-Nikonian reformed texts) or the received Greek Byzantine texts; I will also try to cite who the translator is, if known. (More Old Rite Russian texts will also be found at the Russian Orthodox Old Rite section of SYNAXIS.INFO.)

DISCLAIMER 2: Parts of this Web site are bilingual (Russian and English), but this is mostly in regard to navigation aids, for the benefit of Russian visitors. No effort has been made to present versions of all materials in both languages; this is simply an impossible task. In many cases I have been able to locate similar materials in both languages on the Web, and I have provided links where possible, but these materials are rarely by the same authors.

DISCLAIMER 3: Even though I am an experienced Web site designer, I have decided to keep graphics and design close to a bare minimum, with a focus upon simplicity, clarity, and rapid access to pages. The majority of HTML pages at this web site have the Windows CP-1251 Russian encoding. For pages in English, the average reader will not notice a difference, but this process will allow all pages with Cyrillic text to be viewed properly. Some pages may contain text in both languages. I apologize to all readers who cannot read Russian, but I simply do not have the time, energy and translations skills necessary to maintain a fully bilingual Web site.

DISCLAIMER 4: Throughout this Web site there are links to sources on other Web sites. Over time I will attempt to contact the Webmasters of some of the sites that host valuable materials (particularly in Russia) and request permission to mirror that information directly on this site. The reason for this is because several excellent Web sites which have lacked sufficient funding have disappeared or moved to other servers and not been found again (which is indeed very frustrating). Other Web sites seem to be available only on an intermittent basis. The more Web sites that host and archive valuable information, the better the chances of its survival. NOTE: Wherever you see an asterisk in square brackets: [*] accompanying a link, clicking directly on the asterisk will take you to an archived version of the article directly on my site. However, I recommend visiting the original site, and only access the [*] archived page in the event of the site's demise or a missing page (in which case, I ask that you E-mail me and notify me of the situation).

If you have any questions, please feel free to E-mail me at starina77...at...yahoo...dot...com.