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"This Web site is perpetually under development."

11 May 2008: I have not been inspired to work on this site for at least a year, but this is changing. I've completely restructured the entire site (although some more design changes will be forthcoming), added a significant amount of material, and started organizing the "incoming" materials which will be added in upcoming weeks. Creating order out of chaos is top priority for the present time, and then I will be attempting to upload new materials a section at a time, beginning with the Typicon and Canon Law resources.

15 April 2007: After a lengthy break from working on this site, I have begun to make some major additions and revisions. Most significantly, some of the materials from the former Typicon Translation Project have been transferred to this site. Also, most of the Old Rite materials have been transferred to the Old Rite site.

11 October 2007: Oh my! Has it been THAT long? Well, I'm home sick with the flu this week, and I'm going to try to get this site revamped. Lots of changes, too numerous to mention, are being implemented today. Design-wise there's not much new, but LOTS of additions are being uploaded today. (I'm also cleaning up a lot of unruly HTML code.)

18 December 2005: The Home page has been slightly redesigned.

18 October 2005: The NEEDS/ТРЕБЫ section was added, but considerably more work needs to be done to this section, particularly under the sub-section on Panykhidas (which will be added in a few days).

17 October 2005: A few more items were added to the Services section, and I brought the section on Paraliturgical Literature back on line (with a few additions). I also added a page of links regarding the Liturgy of St. James at the Reference Desk.

4 October 2005: The Services section is now back online. Today I added: Каноны усопшым, на осмь гласов (The Canons for the Departed in the 8 Tones), and the complete HEIRMOLOGION (text translated from the Church Slavonic by Reader Isaac Lambertsen).

1 October 2005: The Reference Desk is now back online, although this is a work in progress and there is not much material available yet.

30 September 2005: The entire site has been taken offline to correct a multitude of problems with broken links. It will be offline for a few days, and then will open with several improvements. Some of the pages will continue to be offline for a while longer, and will be brought back online as the problems are fixed.

30 July 2005: Finally I've begun to work at the Reference Desk. However, it will still be some period of time before I can upload materials for all the subjects. (I will announce when there are additions.) NOTE: Some areas of this site are not yet active. As time allows I will finish preparing these sections and upload the materials.

11 December 2004: More files to the section on Paraliturgical Literature for the Old Rite.

6 November 2004: Today I uploaded some files to the section onParaliturgical Literature. Please be aware that some of the Old Rite materials (derived mostly from sources on the internet and in Old Rite journals) were written not only for instruction, but also for clarification of the polemical issues separating the Old and New Rite Churches.

22 October 2004: Please be patient as I re-design this Web site. I'm trying to clarify my vision of what I will include and how I want to present it. Most importantly, I feel I need to draw more of a firm line between Old Rite and New Rite materials, in order to keep them from being as mixed together as they have been. I have re-written the page "About synaxis.info" in order to explain why I have included both Old and New Rite materials on the same Web site. I know I won't be able to keep the purists happy, but I'm first and foremost a research scholar, and feel that both sides have much to learn from each other's traditions. As each section is revised, I will again make the pages available.

18 October 2004: Today I uploaded the complete English text of the Heirmologion, translated by Reader Isaac Lambertsen. Its primary use is as a reference text for choir arrangers who wish to set the text to music. The average layman will not find any use for the Heirmologion.

15 October 2004: Today I finished editing all 8 Tones of the Slavonic text of the Sunday Octoechos for Vespers, Matins and the Liturgy. The text is in Old Orthography as closely as it may be followed given the limitations of the modern font encodings and the internet. At some point in the future I will try to include the material for Small Vespers, Compline and the Midnight Office to make the Sunday Octoechos complete, but currently these materials are not available. -- I also uploaded the complete Slavonic text of the Lenten Triodion (Триодь постная). I am not sure who is responsible for typesetting this book, but since it is being distributed on the internet, I am including it on my site. (The reader should be aware that links to texts of the Horologion do not work.) When the Pentecostarion becomes available I will try to include it on this site, but at present there are only selections available on various web sites. -- I also reorganized the section on Orthodox Domestic Prayers.

10 October 2004: Today I uploaded the Votive Offices for the Days of the Week. Some of these Offices are complete, but most need a lot more work. As time permits, I will typeset the missing Slavonic materials. Most of these materials are available in English, but it remains for me to locate such translations.

29 September 2004: Today I uploaded a second major revision of the section on Orthodox Domestic Prayers. I have reorganized and expanded the collection of Canons, and I have begun work on the daily prayers for Laity and Monastics. Considerably more work needs to be done, but this is a good beginning.

19 September 2004: Today I uploaded a major revision of the section on Orthodox Domestic Prayers. The newest additions include all the monastic Cell Rule Canons for the New Rite (Old Rite canons and miscellaneous devotional canons are still in production). Some of this material appears in English for the first time in its proper format, where previously most of this has been presented in English prayer books in a disorganized fashion. (For instance, the Akathists to Christ and to the Theotokos are never presented in English prayer books following the 6th Ode of the Canons with which they are liturgically associated.)

15 September 2004: Today I again reworked the Synaxis home page. I added a Javascript liturgical calendar in Russian and reorganized all the links in the sidebars to make the presentation of content and navigation of the site more logical. I'm striving for a fairly professional look without resorting to the use of lots of images. I'm getting closer to a look that's satisfying me.

22 August 2004: Today I reworked the Synaxis home page (it's still not what I'm going to settle on for a final look, but it's some improvement). I also rewrote a significant part of the introductory article of the Paraclesis Project and confirmed some unverified information and dates. I'm hoping it's close to done, as I would like to move on to the next stage of the project.

August 30, 2004 - AGAIN updated the look of several of the pages in an attempt to got the "right look". I'm getting closer, but I'm still not there. I've been uploading pages over the past few weeks for the Paraclesis Project (see the Miscellaneous section), and have been gradually making updates to those pages.

July 29, 2004 - updated the look of several of the pages, especially the home page. (I'm still trying to get a "look" that I like before I continue developing this site, in order to avoid more work in the future.) I have several more projects lined up (mostly editorial work), awaiting my attention, so visitors can expect more material to be added in the near future.

June 30, 2004 - launch date

February 10, 2004 - founding date